Flash från Kosmos

Flash från Kosmos

Två dagar efter öppningen av AION-portalen fick jag detta underbara meddelande. flash och Kosmos (se bild nedan) ligger intill varandra.


AION Portal activation – Shift of the Ages

(Shift of the Ages)
It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the time of the heliocentric Uranus Pluto square on November 23rd. Many of us will gather and visualize the Event happening in the NOW and will be thus creating a clear and harmonious channel of manifestation for the final liberation of the planet.
Our visualization will support the plan for planetary liberation, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We can do it! It needs to go viral! We need to reach many people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people dong this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

Hoppfulla ord.

”It will look like there is no way out, and then suddenly – a way forward will open.” – Drunvalo Melchizedek (Ur en av hans böcker. Handlar inte om Syrien utan en beskrivning av hur allt kan vända.)

Ett läge som i Sagan om Ringen!? När det ser som mörkast ut faller ringen ner i lavan i Domedagsberget och Saurons rike upplöses på ett ögonblick.

Owen K Waters ~ Fields Of Consciousness

Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter March 31 2013

från http://shiftfrequency.com

When Easter and Christmas come around, I often wonder – in order for Jesus to achieve what he does on these occasions – just how huge his field of consciousness must be.

Consider this. He promised that he would be present in spirit whenever two or more people are gathered in his name. Even today, after two thousand years, he still delivers on that promise. Now, in order for him to be present in spirit in thousands upon thousands of groups and congregations, all at the same time, he has to be in thousands of places at once.

He has to be able to split his consciousness into many thousands of parts, with each individual part being capable of attending to one group. When someone in that group asks for healing or spiritual support, the part of him attending to that group senses the request and provides them with personal support.

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Outer-world signs of the birth of the New Earth… WOW!

by Patricia Cota-Robles


Asteroids, Meteors, Comets, Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun, the New Pope, the Vernal Equinox, and the International Day of Happiness

Since the Birth of the New Earth and the Shift of the Ages which we experienced over the December Solstice in 2012, people have been wondering what in the world is happening. I have been encouraging all of you to pay attention and to look for outer-world events that indicate we have gone through a quantum shift of consciousness. It is important to observe that indeed powerful changes are taking place on a daily basis. There is certainly no shortage of signs that things are changing at warp speed. If you will just reflect on what has happened in the first three months of 2013, you will be amazed. This year has been heralded as the year of New Beginnings, and it is definitely living up to that declaration.

KNOW that you are an awakening Child of God. Please open your heart and mind and contemplate the following information through the “new eyes and new ears” of your true God Self, your I AM Presence. When you see the bigger picture from this higher level of consciousness, everything will make perfect sense.

So far this year we have experienced an unusual influx of asteroids, meteors, comets, and extremely powerful solar flares. This may seem like just a coincidence, but nothing is happening by accident. The Elemental Kingdom is the Divine Intelligence that magnetizes the unformed primal Light substance into the matrixes that form all physical matter, including asteroids, meteors, comets, and solar flares. What the Elemental Kingdom creates is always a reflection of Humanity’s consciousness. Moment by moment, as Humanity expresses our thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and beliefs the Elemental Kingdom brings them into manifest form in perfect Divine Order.

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Astrological transits 2013


Kelley Rosano pratar om utvecklingen under våren och resten av året. Uranus får ett stort inflytande. Uranus står för sanningen, en revolutionär planet, som ger individen kraft och kommer med plötsliga förändringar. Och sådana förväntas från vårdagjämningen och framåt ute i världen och inom oss. Hon berättar också om att varje människa är en ”powerful creator” och att vi nu får en balans mellan det feminina och maskulina.