The Grand Masquerade – om personligheten

01 Behind the_mask (Masthead Pic)

by Chautauqua

Almost from birth the stress and pressures of incarnating into human form begin taking their toll on our personality. Long before we even have a clue as to who we are, we sense that our very sensibilities are under assault from many divergent sources. Our parents, teachers and friends all have a set of parameters which they expect us to form ourselves into. Even as we attempt to reconcile our undiscovered selves with those parameters set down for us, we begin creating and using masks to gain acceptance and avoid corrective measures…to buy us the time we need to figure things out. In the process, we of course begin to realize that parents, teachers and friends are also pretty good at using masks in their dealings with one another. We notice how differently they seem than when dealing with us. Next thing you know, nobody knows who anyone else in the family really is.

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Kelley Rosano pratar om utvecklingen under våren och resten av året. Uranus får ett stort inflytande. Uranus står för sanningen, en revolutionär planet, som ger individen kraft och kommer med plötsliga förändringar. Och sådana förväntas från vårdagjämningen och framåt ute i världen och inom oss. Hon berättar också om att varje människa är en ”powerful creator” och att vi nu får en balans mellan det feminina och maskulina.