The boy who sang to the world

Snart är filmen The boy who sang to the world klar för release. Den handlar om tonhealern Tom Kenyon. Jag har själv lyssnat mycket på honom. Han har bland annat fått till sig ljudbilder från hathors som lever i fjärde dimensionen i vårt solsystem. Här är lite om filmen:

”Imagine a film about the mysteries of sound that has the power to transform audiences. A film that can blend science with spirit to inspire breakthroughs in consciousness.

That is the vision of The Boy Who Sang to the World.

Twenty years ago, Tom Kenyon was on his way to fame as a country singer in Nashville. But a car that burst into flames and intervention by a psychic led him to discover the power of his own voice to heal.

Since then, Tom has built a bridge across a complex divide, marrying spiritual traditions with

modern science to become one of the most respected sound healers alive today.

  • Tom has spent years studying the effects of sound, music and language on the human brain and nervous system.
  • Unique among healers today, he draws upon this extensive research, his background in psychotherapy and shamanism to create sounds that heal conditions as daunting as cancer and paralysis.
  • His vocal range, nearly four octaves, is among the largest of any male singer in the world.

The film will immerse audiences in Tom’s healing and transformational soundscapes that blend esoteric spiritual traditions from around the world, including Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Egyptian high alchemy, and mystical Christianity. It will weave revealing personal interviews with exclusive footage of Tom’s sacred sound tonings filmed in beautiful international locations. Emphasizing Tom’s work on the return of the divine feminine, the film will be rich in the teachings that have attracted thousands of followers and students worldwide.

The Boy Who Sang to the World is the first time Tom’s amazing alchemical journey will be seen and heard onscreen—an entertaining and often humorous story of magical realism, cows in Samadhi and the promise of human potential in the 21st century.”



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